Custom Programming

How does custom programming work?

If you're already comfortable exercising on your own, but don't have structure to your training, having a custom-made programme tailored towards your goals may be ideal.  Whether you're training for fat loss, weight loss, muscle gain or even a specific event.  Having a programme to follow will keep you focused and on track to achieving results.

Programmes are designed 4 weeks at a time.  So if you decide you want to purchase a 12-week programme, it will be broken down into three 4-week phases.  This is to allow for progressions and exercise rotations to be added into each phase of your programme to ensure continuous progression.

Programme Pricing:

Prices based on 4-weeks of programming.

1 session per week = £20

2 sessions per week = £35

3 sessions per week = £50

4 sessions per week = £65

5 sessions per week = £80

6 sessions per week = £100

If you wish to inquire about custom programming, head over to the' Contact Us' page and send us a message.