Frequently Asked Questions

What made you want to become a Personal Trainer?

Throughout my teenage years I was pretty underweight, which affected my life quite badly.  Exercise changed everything, and I don't know where I'd be without it.  So now I want to show everyone else how they can do that too.

What type of training do you do?

Turning back the clock, I'd have said cardio.  I played football with various clubs throughout my teenage years and I was obsessed with cardio.  However as I matured I began weight training and took a keen interest in Bodybuilding.  I now incorporate weight training and bodybuilding techniques with my clients to deliver fantastic results!

Can women lift weights without getting bulky?

I love this question!  There's this huge misconception that weight training for women will make them female Schwarzenegger's, it won't.  Weight training is what gives women the 'toned' beach-body that the Instagram models of today have.  It's important for women to train with weights, and there's no better fat-burner or body-toner than bodybuilding!