Customer Testimonials

Max W-

Kieron really helped me develop specific exercises suited exactly for my requirements.  He must have spent a lot of time considering the advice to give.  Also, he led rather than pushed, which suited me.  I have benefited greatly from his instructions.  Had a good laugh too and gained a friend.

Ashley O-

Kieron is now my PT and he has already showed and taught me so much about eating and the gym in such a short amount of time and given me the confidence to do so many things I would have found terrifying to do by myself! Can't wait to keep the continious progress!

Ali T-

I cannot recommend Kieron enough, he's tailored a training and nutrition plan that has helped me to smash goals I didn't even realise I had.  I'm feeling stronger, healthier and happier.  If you're looking for someone to kick your ass into gear, give this guy a shout!

Hossein E-

When I started working with Kieron, I weighed around 89kg and I had a little bit of experience in bodybuilding. I have been working with him since mid-July 2019 (I should mention that I had an injury in September which held me back for more than a month). I believe results speak louder than any form of advertisement and for that reason, I list my feats below and you get to decide yourself the quality and effectiveness of his training.

1) Now I weigh 79kg. I lost 10kg following a nutrition blueprint he supplied. We also had plenty of discussions regarding nutrition and how to burn fat. I can say, he understands what he says and does!

2) I could barely do complex exercises such as Bench Press, Squat and Deadlifts before working with him. Either my form was not correct or I couldn't do it altogether. My current records for these three are 60kg, 80kg and 115kg respectively. We have spent a decent amount of time on form and how the exercise must be done.

3) He is committed to his job and I enjoy seeing his enthusiasm and seriousness in coaching. He has tried to motivate and simplify/break exercises to make it easier for me to follow.

4) In September 2019 after I injured my wrist, he found and invented a bunch of exercises to boost the recovery process. Those exercises proved to be fruitful.

If I go back in time and I get another chance of choosing a PT again, I would choose Kieron one more time.